Quiescence I

by Tunica Externa

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"Quiescence I" is the beginning of a series of sleep based minimalist albums. It was live recorded in one take, thus it is somewhat improvised. This is intended as one piece, but I have divided it up into movements for upload. The movements should all flow into one another with no interruption.

The album cover is a piece by my cousin, Nicole Beauregard. I feel that "Quiescence I" is collaborative because much of my inspiration for the recording came from this painting.

About the Quiescence series:
For a long time I have been fascinated with sleep and dream states of mind. In fact, much of my works have explored dreams in a multitude of different ways. As the years have gone on, and the expectations of the modern world become greater in number, finding time to connect with dreaming and sleeping has become more and more difficult for me. Music has often been a conduit to set aside the time for immersion and induce states of mind intentionally, thus the creation of the Quiescence project revealed itself to me.

When I first started making music, I would record in the late hours of the night and often in long periods of isolation. The state of mind that I recorded in was entirely unique. As time wore on, this started to become more difficult to manage. Recording happens in any free slot I can get, which is harder to come by. With Quiescence I wanted to set the intention of recording in sleepy mind-states, with the hope of really capturing that feeling sonically.

The entirety of the Quiescence series is live recorded, with minimal touch up in the editing and mixing process. I use only guitars and vocals through a series of pedal processing.


released April 14, 2017

Tunica Externa: Guitars & pedal effects

Nicole Beauregard: Album cover