The Black Brim of the World

by Tunica Externa & Nicholas Trandahl

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“The Black Brim of the World” is the newest offering from Colorado’s Tunica Externa, created in collaboration with a contemporary poet. This nine-part piece of emotional music wavers in a flux between sullen drone and the ghost of post rock guitar melodies. However, the ingredients connecting the two seamless faces that comprise the music of this album are the ambient effects, loops and field recordings that make themselves always apparent.

“The Black Brim of the World” is a collaborative work based around a poem of the same title by poet and author Nicholas Trandahl. Interspersed among the drone-ambient shroud of the music are reverbed ghostly spoken word passages of the poem, recited aloud by Trandahl himself.

Inherent in “The Black Brim of the World” are the themes of loneliness, isolation, darkness, and the vastness of eternity. But the melancholy tone that at first seems the most evident is underlaid on this album by something resembling the peace of solitude and the uncertain release of finality.

This album is for the sensitive and the vulnerable, for those that know the anguish of isolation but, at the same time, the hopeful expectancy of solitude.


released June 21, 2015

Tunica Externa - Guitars, loops, field recordings
Nicholas Trandahl - Poetry, cover art



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chapter 2: Still of Breath
Black is the brim of the world,
A cusp upon which I stand still of breath,
A threshold that is so thin, pure and crystalline,
So as to be thought too fragile a boundary,
To the black yawning gulf between our sphere,
And the distant ice cold motes of weak luminescence.
Track Name: Chapter 3: The Black Brim of the World
I stand here alone, on the black brim of the world,
Upon the razor’s edge of the horizon.
Track Name: Chapter 5: Submerged
Falling forward, I am submerged.
I lift and am arisen as I sink in all directions.
Solitude is my cloak, and it’s a cloak composed of stars,
But there are distant companions all aglimmer,
And they flicker around me like feeble white sparks,
Punctures of light in the velvety fabric of eternity.
Track Name: Chapter 6: All Sounds Devoured
The hush is eternal, epic in its enormity,
As if all sounds have been devoured.
The quietness is a cacophony.
The stillness is apparent,
And is as glaring in its evidence as the stars
Track Name: Chapter 8: I Will Never Go Back
The black brim of the world lies beneath me,
It lies in any direction that I wish,
And that stark edge of the sphere is a cut,
A cosmic wound that stands out in the void.
I will never go back.
I can never go back to that distant shore.
Track Name: Chapter 9: Nothing Will Remain
I drift.
I flow,
Alone in silence.
And the black brim of the world diminishes.
In time, nothing will remain.